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Welcome to PURE Lighting, your go-to for cutting-edge illumination in New Zealand. As a 100% locally-owned company rooted in the stunning surroundings of Lake Taupō, we specialize in top-quality LED lighting. With a nationwide reach through major wholesalers, we offer a diverse range of products, including Sports Lighting, Lighting Poles, Smart Lighting, and more. Illuminate your world with PURE Lighting, where expertise meets excellence, and Innovation for Life is our commitment to enhancing your life with innovative lighting solutions.


Havit Lighting offers premium quality and high-performance exterior and interior lighting products. With 2000 plus products in their range, Havit is dedicated to providing outstanding value. Beautifully designed and rigorously tested, every fitting is appealing to the eye!


Martec Lighting has had an established reputation in the New Zealand and Australian markets for a decade. Martec/Tradetec offers high quality lighting, bathroom heater/extraction fans and also a wide range of ceiling fans.

legacy lighting

Legacy Lighting is an Australian based lighting manufacturer, dedicated to revolutionising sports lighting.

west pole

West Pole is a renowned Australian manufacturer of lighting poles, specialising in street lighting, flood lighting, and car park lighting, boasting over two decades of expertise in the industry.

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