Sports lighting

Excellence in Sports Lighting

As the leading professionals in sports lighting in New Zealand, our mission at Pure Lighting is to deliver comprehensive lighting packages tailored to the distinctive needs of every sports club.
We specialise in creating bespoke lighting designs that enhance the overall experience for both athletes and spectators.

Embedded in our approach is a deep understanding of the lighting requirements for each sport and level of play. We meticulously analyze and incorporate the specifications of various sports, ensuring that our lighting solutions are not only technically superior but also enhance the specific visual demands of each game.

Beyond our commitment to unmatched lighting solutions, we take pride in providing an end-to-end package covering every stage from concept to handover—a genuine turn-key solution. From the initial design phase to the final installation, Pure Lighting stands as your trusted partner in achieving the highest standards in sports lighting.


Support for Local Communities

Pure Lighting has consistently shown support for a diverse array of organisations that focus on offering recreational opportunities. We take immense pride in providing our assistance to contribute towards fostering a safer and more enjoyable playing experience.

We prioritise using local sub-contractors and sourcing supplies from within the community as part of our turnkey solution approach.

Our enthusiasm for sports lighting stems from its positive impact on the community.

Sports lighting upgrade process

Our process offers a seamless turn-key solution, covering everything from planning and installation to the final handover—all from a single source. This ensures a comprehensive and hassle-free experience for our clients throughout every stage of the project.

Effective lighting designs from an accomplished designer.

In our design process, we consider various factors, and we engage a lighting designer with expertise in sports lighting. Our designer is well-acquainted with council regulations and New Zealand standards, bringing a wealth of experience to the project.


Pure lighting sports range

Pure Lighting offers a versatile range of high-quality, energy-efficient solutions tailored for various applications, spanning from recreational to professional sports events. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond mere functionality; it encompasses safety, performance, and environmental responsibility. With Pure Lighting, you can trust that every illumination solution is designed to meet the highest standards, ensuring an optimal experience for athletes and spectators alike.

Legacy lighting range

Similar to Pure, our Legacy range stands as the epitome of lighting innovation, representing the pinnacle of excellence in sustainable illumination. Legacy Lighting offers elite solutions that surpass industry standards, providing unmatched quality and efficiency. With Legacy Lighting, you can illuminate your sports facilities with confidence, knowing that you’re investing in a sustainable future while enjoying the finest lighting technology available.


LED control systems play a pivotal role in optimising the functionality and efficiency of LED lighting in sports facilities. The ability to precisely adjust lighting conditions based on zoning, dimming needs, and usage patterns not only enhances the user experience but also contributes to energy savings and operational cost-effectiveness.

Illuminate your sports club with Pure Lighting.

Whether you’re ready to upgrade your existing facility or create a brand-new sports venue, contact us now to bring your vision to light.