Lighting has a powerful effect on
well-being, perception, and mood. The advent of smart lighting systems, which is easy to use and cost-effective, results in elegance, convenience, and energy- efficiency.

Pure Lighting controls

PURE Lighting controls offer a wide range of quality products to choose from that will give you complete flexibility in creating lighting of your choice. Our extensive range of superior-quality lighting controls is customized to suit all your requirements at ease.

You can quickly dim, tune, and change light’s color using an app or voice control with no extra wiring. Choose Pure LED controls for an unmatched level of intelligence, productivity, security, and flexibility.

Enjoy effortless control of devices, save energy, see insightful reports, and access the entire ecosystem’s dashboards.

Improve Energy-Efficiency




Energy Savings

Task Tuning

High-End Trim


Energy Savings




Energy Savings

Automatic Scheduling

& Dimming COntrols


Energy Savings

A smarter world with endless possibilities!

Your ecosystem will be known for;

Energy Savings

Helps to comply with Big Three Energy Codes like Title 24, ASHRAE, and IECC


Easy Integration with third party applications

Network Monitoring Reports

Occupancy statistics, Device Usage Reports, Energy Consumption Reports

IoT Capabilities

A scalable IoT Platform which allows possibilities like asset tracking using lights, BMS integration

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